Slick Tricks - Level Up Kit

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Slick Tricks® has everything you need to become your best. You can bounce bubbles, shape bubbles, stretch bubbles, trap bubbles, and connect bubbles. Learn these tricks and there won't be a bubble on earth you can't master. Go on, show 'em who's boss!

  • The Slick Tricks® Level Up set teaches kids how to do 16 awesome bubble tricks!
  • Each kit includes 1 dip tray, 1 bubble loop, 2 wand handles and tubes, 1 circle wand, 2 bouncing bubble gloves, 1 bouncing bubble blower, 6 connector tubes, 4 connector joints, and an instruction booklet.
  • Includes one 4 fl. oz. bottle of bouncing bubble solution and two 4 fl. oz. bottles of premium bubble solution.
  • Tricks include: Mile Long Bubble, Bubble Dome, Spinning Bubbles, Bubble Galaxy, Bouncing Bubbles and more!

Take your bubble blowing game to the next level!

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